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This is a statement of linuxrpms.com trademarks and its policy and guidelines relating to use of trademarks owned by linuxrpms.com and used by projects under linuxrpms.com. Individual projects under linuxrpms.com may have additional guidelines and requirements for the use of trademarks intended to imply compliance with certain criteria or other requirements, and in such cases compliance with such criteria and requirements is necessary.

For purposes of this document, references to trademarks or marks include all trade and service marks and logos owned by linuxrpms.com, a legal entity. Projects operating as separately incorporated entities managed by linuxrpms.com have their own trademarks, policies and usage guidelines.

The “Linux®” Trademark

For information regarding the Linux trademark, owned by Linus Torvalds, please see the Linux Mark Institute (administered by The Linux Foundation). Your use of the Linux trademark must be in accordance with the Linux Mark Institute’s policy.

The Linux Foundation’s Trademarks

A list of The Linux Foundation’s registered trademarks, pending registrations and trademarks in use can be found at https://www.linuxfoundation.org/trademark-list/ .

For questions regarding Open Source Software and the Department of Defense please read up on this website Open Source Software and the Department of Defense

For questions regarding GNU licenses please read up on this website
Gnu Licensing

Lists of Export Controlled Items, Information and Software

In considering whether or not a shipment to another country will require an export license, we need to consider both what is being shipped and where it is going. The lists on this page deal with what is being shipped. (See the lists of export controlled or embargoed countries for guidance about where certain shipments may be sent.) Items, Information and Software subject to US Export Control Laws and used in an environment are generally categorized on the following two lists:

US Munitions(USML) - (ITAR)

Commerce Control List (CCL) - (EAR)

Published by the US Commerce Department in its Export Administration Regulations (EAR), the Commerce Control List addresses “dual use” items, information and software that are primarily commercial in nature but also have potential military applications.

Links below open the individual sections of the Commerce Control List.

Computer Control List CCL4 (10-24-18)

Telecommunications and Information Security - Part 1, CCL5 PT1 (10-24-18)